Wednesday, 6 November 2013

WIP Wednesday

Anyone fancy a bit of colour?


I love bright colourful projects lol :-) I've added two more rows to the blanket and now need to make some more squares in some of the colours. I make a pile of the 17 different coloured squares and then arrange those in rows and I don't add another 17 until the first pile is empty. Helps me balance the colours out better this way


I make the squares in batches of 7 because that is 5% of my target number. When I've made 7 I sew in the ends and then add them to the bag


I'm still playing around with these big granny squares. They are 14 rounds with 7 colours and each square will start with a different colour. I thought if I do 7 with this colour sequence and then reverse it I could maybe have a nice blanket. Not sure if I'll make the blanket 3 x 4 squares or a bit bigger or maybe arrange the squares around a central design? I'm just playing at the moment :)


My Mum's shawl is almost finished, I'm onto the last chart now although not made much progress on it. I'd love to get the shawl finished and posted by the weekend so I'm trying to work on it whenever I get a free moment


That's it from me today. I've got some photos of my lace shawl to share on Friday, I can't wait to show it to you :-) Hop over to Tami's for more WIP Wednesday posts :-)


  1. Awesome!! I love all those colors! What a fun project

  2. Oh I love grannies :) great colours and fun, can´t wait to see it all finished :D

    1. Thanks, me too :) It's such fun playing with colour combinations and patterns :)

  3. I absolutely love the bright colours of your blanket! Your shawl is also looking gorgeous.

  4. All three are lovely projects. 7 is my lucky number.

  5. Bright, bold, and happy you are. Great WIPs here.

  6. So much work!! Amazing colors, so bright.


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