Friday, 29 November 2013

FO Friday - Traveling Woman Shawl for Mim

I've been wanting to make my Mum a lace shawl for a while. This one is a kind of halfway shawl as it's knitted with fingering weight yarn and no beads, next time I'll make her something really really fancy :-)


Having said that though it is beautiful. The yarn is by Dye For Yarn in a colourway called "Memory of a Fearsome Tale. I love DFY colourways, they are so rich and saturated and even the names are wonderful.


The Traveling Woman pattern is such a lovely one to knit. It's very intuitive once you've got into the rhythm of it


I blocked the edge of the shawl into some gentle points which has opened up the lacework beautifully. I'm so pleased with how this has come out.


My Mum also seems rather pleased with it too which is always good lol. Although it certainly wouldn't have been any hardship to take it back and claim it for myself ;-)

Today I'm going to try to chill out a bit as I got home from babysitting very late last night, I've got a lovely cold coming on and before I'd finished breakfast I'd dealt with the aftermath of a sick two year old. Thank goodness it's nearly the weekend!

I'll be linking in with FO Friday, Fiber Arts Friday and Creative Friday today


  1. That's a lovely shawl and one of my favourite colours.

  2. Such a lovely shawl! I agree that the color is beautiful!

  3. The lace came out beautifully and what a lovely color.

  4. The shawl is gorgeous. I always love lace. The color is beautiful.

  5. Oh that is beautiful, and such a lovely colour. I am glad your Mum liked it :)

  6. Looks beautiful! The colour is to die for.


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