Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Happy Hump Day

I am glad this morning is over, it's been hard work! Running a busy toddler group on my own is never fun but to then come home and for my toddler to have an "accident" on the carpet and then spread it round the house was just the icing on the cake. Urgh!

This week has turned out to be rather a busy one. Monday I was catching up on the ironing and some of the housework from the weekend and then Tuesday I was rearranging the playroom and had a friend round so had to do a little more housework! My house isn't disgusting or anything, it's just there are certain standards of mess I don't mind inflicting on my own family but feel bad asking my friend to put up with. It's silly really, if she got upset because the carpet needed a vacuum then she wouldn't be much of a friend anyway ;-)

The playroom rearranging was my own choice too. We're hopefully adding another hamster to the family at the weekend so I wanted to make some room for a big cage. She's an old girl and I don't want to stress her out too much but I figured a proper sized wheel and a decent floor space to explore would probably help her to settle in well.

Anyways, the upshot of all this busy-ness is I don't really have very much progress to show you this Wednesday! I'm onto the 3rd purple row of my scarf, I'm aiming for 5 rows I think so nearly there. I'll see how it looks when I've got that far


Pretty wavy edging :-)


That's it for crafting this week. Bit feeble really! How about I leave you with a photo of my cat Rosie who came over to inspect the scarf while I was photographing it. She's now curled up in the sunshine snoozing, typical cat lol


For less waffly and more productive crafting posts visit Tami, Ginny and Nicole. I'll try to have something more interesting to post about soon!


  1. The red looks good with the purple. Ugh. You've reminded me I need to clean too as the family's coming over for Thanksgiving.

    1. I think so too :) Sorry for mentioning the C word lol

  2. The scarf is looking fantastic - such vibrant colours! Give Rosie a scratch under the chin from me!

  3. nice scarf so far :) I like the wavy edges too ! Rosie is adorable she really was curious about what you were doing!


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