Thursday, 7 November 2013

Keep Calm

And Craft a Rainbow


Last night we had a bit of a medical drama with my little boy which involved an ambulance transfer between two hospitals. He's fine now but we're surviving on very little sleep. I'm barely holding it together but only because I know I have to, at least until the children are in bed.

I saw this post on Made in K Town and it struck a chord so I started making a rainbow :)


  1. *hug* It sounds rough. I'm glad everyone is okay now.

  2. Oh no! How stressful. I hope he is okay. And man, transferring between hospitals is expensive too. Been there with my little one.

    1. He's fine. Medical care is free in the UK because we have the NHS. My husband did have to do a lot of driving to pick us up from the hospital though :(

  3. All the best for your little one! I'm glad that the quote I've posted today was an inspiration to you! :)

  4. Oh you poor things! Im glad all is ok...sending you lots of ***Rainbow*** Hugs! x x


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