Monday, 25 November 2013

New FO Photos, Fragile Heart shawl

I knitted my Fragile Heart shawl in May last year. It was my first time knitting with lace yarn and first time using beads in my knitting. I also wasn't as confident with blocking lace as I am now. At the weekend I decided to get out my blocking wires, give it a soak to loosen up the fibers a bit and then block it to within an inch of it's life!

Definitely worth doing in my opinion! Look how pretty it is now :-)


The points are pointier, the lace is more open and it's got a wonderful floppy texture


I wish I'd used bigger seed beads with this project and perhaps in more of a contrasting colour. It seems a shame to have gone to so much effort and not be able to see it. That's the nature of learning a new skill I guess, you get better the more you practice :-)


Such a pretty pattern, I know I've said it loads before but I love Booknit's designs. They're so delicate, easy to knit and well written



Of course now I want to knit another shawl... must resist! I really fancy making Rainshine at some point. I've even got the perfect yarn in my stash and beads to match ;-) Maybe a project for the New Year!


  1. That is beautiful, definitely worth taking the time to block :)

  2. Lovely pop of.color. Terrific job.

  3. Ooh it's so pretty! I'm in the mood for some lace knitting right now - off to check out Booknits patterns ...

    1. Thank you :) Good luck choosing which one to start with, they're all so pretty!


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