Sunday, 24 November 2013

Blocking and Shadows

Sorry for being a bit quiet lately. I've not really had much to blog about in terms of projects! The scarf is finished now and I'm just about to block it. By this time next week I want to get the sleeves of my colourwork cardigan joined onto the body so that's the project I'll be concentrating on. I'm still promising myself a new pair of socks once I've reduced my outstanding WIP's :-)

I've been reblocking a couple of shawls because when they were originally blocked I didn't do it quite as thugishly as I do now. Having blocking wires has really made a different too, I'd strongly recommend getting a set, especially if you knit a lot of lace.

After I'd blocked my Wedding shawl I hung it up over a couple of photo frames in our bedroom because I was too lazy to put it away. You can see how much more open the lace is now:


Previously it was like this:


What I quite liked was the pretty shadows it made on the wall



Reminds me of a spider web :-)


I also reblocked my first ever lace shawl. I'm actually going to have another photo session for this shawl as it looks completely different to when I originally posted about it

It's amazing how much a proper block can change a shawl and make you fall in love with it all over again :-)


  1. Oh what a difference blocking can make! The shawl is gorgeous!

    1. It's magical isn't it. I keep looking at things and wanting to re-block them. I shall resist for now I think lol

  2. Looking beautiful, pre AND post blocking! I am surprised it makes such a difference.

    1. I think the main difference was where I pinned out the points. Originally I did it at the point of the decreases travelling down the shawl, my husband describes them as looking like feathers. This time I made points halfway between and it works so much better

  3. I think it is amazing what blocking can do to a shawl....I like both versions but after they are blocked, they look so delicate and beautiful!

    1. Thank you :) I felt so glamorous wearing my shawl when I got married, a bit of that still lingers every time I wear it, even if I've barely brushed my hair that morning lol

  4. 'Thugishly' - what an interesting concept. I'm new to blocking - perhaps you wouldn't mind posting about some blocking tips? Where did you get your blocking mats? (Only if you feel like it, no pressure.) I do have a set of wires heading my way... Also, there is a striking difference in your before and after photos. I think your shawl is lovely both ways, but the blocking definitely gives it a new and different look.

    1. The blocking mats I use are just foam playmats for children. I got mine from Tesco but I think they are only instock in the Summer months.

      The way I block my shawls is to first weave the wires along the top edge of the shawl (after soaking it for at least 20 minutes) and then pin them securely to the mat. Then I pin out the two ends and finally the middle point. I then try to work evenly along each side, pinning the points out firmly. I'll often go back and pull on the points a little more once I'm done to get them really pointy. The wires at the top should be under a fair amount of tension by the end providing you pinned them securely at the start. Then just leave it to dry completely, then un pin and enjoy :-)


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