Wednesday, 2 May 2012

WIP Wednesday

I've left this a bit late but after the lovely Lisa at Everyday Randomness mentioned me I figured I should probably get my act together! Incidentally, Lisa, I love your cushion WIP!

So, what have I been working on? Well my Second Born turns 5 years old in a couple of weeks and as the Little Momo jumper didn't fit him I said I'd make him a hoody instead. I'm using the Little Hoodlum pattern. I'm finding the actual pattern a bit irritating to work through as there are three patterns combined into one and a variety of sizes for each as well. Once I've worked out which bit I'm supposed to be following though it's been a very easy and well written knit.


As you can see, I've done the main section of the hoody and I'm now doing the hood. Some nice mindless knitting for in front of the tv or whilst supervising the children when they are crafting/playing/splashing in the bath etc. I'm using the Ice Magic yarn I bought off ebay and I've got a 4-6 years body out of just one skein, fab :-D

I've got another WIP planned which will be my evening knitting, i.e. when the children are asleep and I can sit quietly and concentrate on what I'm doing. I'm doing another KAL with Crafty Clare and this time we're going to knit a lace shawl. I have never knitted lace weight yarn before and the idea of doing a whole shawl in it is really daunting! Clare has also persuaded me that I can do the beading the pattern asks for as well so seed beads and a teeny crochet hook have been ordered. Eep!

So what pattern are we going to be knitting? It's going to be Fragile Heart. Isn't it beautiful? I do hope I can do it justice!

Do you have any irrational fears when it comes to knitting, or indeed any crafting? If this pattern was in aran weight I'd be absolutely fine with it, silly aren't I!


  1. Cant wait to get started on the KAL. The hoodlum is very cute xxx

  2. Ohh, what size does the hoodlum go up to? I would mind doing a jumper for each of my boys, but I'm struggling to find something I like in Harley's size.

    Thank you liking my cushion, I'm very happy with it.

    Gotta confess, I am the same with being a bit afraid of working in finer weight yarn, I long to try my hand at a shawl but it is very scary to me, I feel lost knitting with anything other than 4.5mm circs ;) The pattern you've chosen looks amazing, hope you both have a lot of fun and can't wait to see the results :D

    1. Age 10 I believe :)

      Have a look at the Iris shawl in my latest post, it's knitted using a skein of sock yarn and is really quite easy. You can customise how many repeats of the different sections you do and there are different cast off options too. Clare did beading on hers which looked lovely too


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