Thursday, 24 May 2012

Sunny Thursday

It feels rather typical really that I'm knitting a long, warm, dark coloured cardigan and yet now the sun has decided to come back in earnest! I'm still working away on it though because my plan is to wear it on holiday in August. We're going camping in Cornwall this year and having a nice warm cardigan for the evenings is always a good idea when you're camping. I've also decided what I want to knit on holiday so I need to get the Romantika finished first so that I can cast on the new project (more about that in a bit).

So this is where I currently am with my Romantika:


As you can see I have started on the cables for the skirt part. It's hard to tell in this photo but I am only cabling every other column, the same way I did for the Lavanda. Having cables on all of them feels a little too...twisty, for my tastes. Plus it's slightly quicker to knit lol.

One thing I did find out is that I have a longer than average torso! I'm fairly tall, 5ft 7-8ish, so I thought I would try it on for size when I got to the point where the skirt cables started. The pattern said that 4 inches from the underarm should be about 1.5 inches above my waist, which it wasn't. I ended up knitting another 1.5 inches before starting the cables and it looks much better now when I wear it. I guess this is one of the attractions of creating your own garments, you can make sure they fit you properly!

Now I mentioned I've decided what I want to knit on holiday. I wanted something fairly simple but not so mindless it's boring to knit. Perhaps some simple detailing. Maybe something for me... And then I saw this pattern mentioned on Crafts from the Cwtch, it's called Framlingham and it is just what I was looking for. It's by Joanne Scrace and looks absolutely perfect for some holiday knitting. The cable detailing is done without a cable needle which is always good and the whole thing is knitting in the round from the top down in dk yarn so it will grow reasonably quickly too. Fab!

Naturally I needed some yarn for this pattern and thanks for a 10% discount code via ravelry and Deramores I got a lovely squishy parcel in the post this morning. Anyone who knows me will not be at all surprised at the colour I've chosen...


Oh I do love purple! :-) The yarn is Wendy Merino in the Mulberry colourway (isn't that a lovely word..mulberry...mmm...!)

Unfortunately my order total was _just_ under the amount needed for free postage. What a shame right? Yeah you can guess where this is going, I also ordered 2 balls of James C Brett Twinkle which is an acrylic but rather soft and also purple!


I thought it would make a nice dress or cardigan for one of my girls! I'd better get knitting!


  1. I do like that pattern very much. Love the purple yarn too, and Deramores always have great bargains.

  2. I love purple too, really liking the romantika so far!


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