Friday, 4 May 2012

FO Friday

Just a quick post from me today as I'm rather busy on Fridays. Here is my Iris shawl, a lovely knit and very straight forward and easy to customise. I think you'd enjoy this one Lisa!


I'll take some better photos when the sunshine comes back. Maybe some time in June *sigh*


I really enjoyed knitting it and I'm definitely keen to make another one, maybe in some brighter more Summer-y colours :-) I've cast on my lace shawl now and my seed beads arrived this morning. Scary!


  1. What was it like working in the lace? Looks pretty, seems like you whipped it up really fast :D

    (This is Lisa btw, had to start a new google account so I can actually read the blogs I add to my reading list, total nightmare!)

    1. The shawl yarn is sock rather than lace weight. It was pretty quick. The top part is linen stitch with DS short rows which are easy, then there is the drop stitch section and then the crossing over stitches at the bottom are done using dropped stitches again but passing some of them over the others

    2. I realised after asking that it was different to the pattern you're doing for your KAL.

      Evelyn, do you still have my email addy? You can always text me as well. I am always hear to listen, or perform as a sturdy shoulder. I know what that pit feels like. Also I understand if you don't want to chat, I just want you to know that whatever you need I am here, regardless. You are someone who I have very fond feelings for, and you actually helped me during my most difficult times more than you know, just by being you.

      I've never said it before, and I probably should have done. You are kind, trustworthy and beautiful, thank you for being my friend.


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