Sunday, 6 May 2012

Sad Sunday

So, I was knitting the lace shawl and I made a mistake. Stupid me hadn't bothered to put a life line in, what an amateur... I frogged it back but the yarn broke so I've got a little ball of yarn that I'm not sure what to do with! How irritating.

Irritated at myself as well. One brief lapse of concentration on the purl row, so not even the lace bit with the different yarn overs and decreases. I felt very silly.

As it's a bank holiday weekend I'm going to cast it back on tonight and hopefully get back to where I was by the end of tomorrow.

I've temporarily (probably) deleted my facebook account. I'm in a bit of a negative spiral at the moment and wasting time on the internet isn't very good for that. I may not be posting much for a while, sometimes it's good to hide away for a bit. I'm still reading people's comments/emails/blogs, I just don't feel able to say much right now.

I'm feeling a bit better today than I did yesterday. I went for a long walk with the baby in the sling and ended up sat on a bench by a lake watching some House Martins swooping over the water catching insects in the evening sun. I don't know how long I sat there for but it helped me find a bit of tranquility and peace...

I'll be back soon, hopefully with a finished lace shawl!

Bye for now,


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  1. How strange, I'm seriously contemplating removing Facebook at the moment. But then I think to me it feels like a bit of a statement. Like, I update twitter and facebook so much that people would definitely notice if I just diappeared and I think I'd then get sent a load of texts etc asking if something's wrong, and if nothing was wrong they'd think I was being a weird attention seeker or something, if you know what I mean? Not that I much care what they think, but I think I might just stop accessing it on my phone and delete it off my bookmarks so I don't automatically check it. The internet seems to be sucking up too much of my energy at the moment in general but then again it's a handy resource for information and craft inspiration and things to do with the kids and things so I couldn't go cold turkey.

    Hope you're OK and that you manage to catch up on your knitting x


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