Monday, 7 May 2012

Shawl WIP

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I've got to the end of the garter stitch section. I'm going to put a life line in and leave it here for tonight. I will do the lace section tomorrow either when the youngest 2 children have an afternoon nap or in the evening when they are all in bed. Wish me luck!


  1. Hello hello hello my lovely KAL friend. So glad I found you. Didnt realise initially that you had removed fb. Big hugs coming your way. I'm over the moon to see you are still working on Fragile Heart - maybe the name is a bit ironic at the moment (have had a bad playgroup day today too). I have 2 rows left of the lace section to do. Lots of bodges and a couple of holes that I dont think should be but nevermind. Cant wait to see if blocked as it is just a tiny rag at the moment. Much love xxx

    1. Thanks hun :) I'm just about to start row 8 of the lace section, it seems to be ok at the minute although the YO's in the purl row are giving me a bit of a problem as I can't work out which way she wants me to do them so mine seem a bit bigger than they should be :-S

      If you want to email me as I'm not on fbook at the mo then my addy is blizzard77 at hotmail dot com :-)


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