Monday, 14 May 2012

Fragile Heart Progress Pic

I think I'm up to row 15 of the lace border now. There are 23 rows in total followed by a picot cast off, that's going to take a while :-S


The safety pin is so I know roughly which point is halfway. Originally it was so I knew which was the right side but it's easy to tell now I'm no longer doing garter stitch. I've made a couple of errors where I've missed a yarn over but I think I've managed to bodge it so you can't tell where. Well, perhaps if you were examining it in detail you could but I just won't let any knitters get that close to me :-p

I have almost finished the Little Hoodlum, just got a couple of inches on the last sleeve to do and then it's weaving in ends and blocking. Should be finished in the next day or so and ready for him to wear at his birthday party at the weekend.

My next project is going to be something for me. I've ordered the yarn and bought the pattern. I'll do a gauge swatch before I cast on though, it doesn't matter if my gauge is off for the children because they'll grow into it eventually but the project I'm planning involves a lot of knitting so I want it to fit properly! More details later in the week :-)

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