Friday, 19 June 2015

Whiz Bang!





I've cast on yet another pair of socks. I hope you're not getting too bored with them! I saw this pattern linked to on Sarah's blog and as I was in the mood to start something new and had this yarn already wound into a ball I thought I'd give them a try :-)

The pattern is called Whiz Bang and is made using slipped stitches. It's also got some interesting toe shaping (I'm making the right foot) and a different heel to try as well. It's a very easy stitch pattern to remember too so they're just whizzing along (sorry I couldn't resist!).

In other news I've got a second poppy flower. After the first one was manhandled by my 4 year old and lost it's petals by the afternoon of the day it opened I've decided to keep her well away from this one and also to take a photo just in case. I do like poppies, especially those really big ones. Their petals are so thin and delicate :-)

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  1. It's such a great pattern, isn't it? I'm loving the colours of your yarn - very pretty! And the poppy - gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  2. Very cool pattern. I have to check it out. It looks good with those colors - they "pop" and I like it!

  3. I love your poppy and your sock! That pattern is really interesting, but I have become quite a luddite in sock knitting -- really stuck on that slip-stitch heel. I know I should try something like that!

  4. What GREAT colors! I've yet to crochet up socks, but it's on my list (with MANY other things)...

  5. I LOL'd reading how the last poppy got manhandled by the toddler. They usually have good intentions but end up making a mess of things. I like those visible slip stitches in the sock.

  6. I never tire of socks!! Those are fab!


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