Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Two Heels

I've been working on my sock WIP's at the moment. I'm ready to start the heel on the purple ones and the multicoloured ones are a few rows off



I'm really enjoying the way the slipped stitch pattern on this sock highlights the colours in the yarn. The pattern is Whiz Bang for anyone interested. I'm planning on using the "Bootylicious heel" from the pattern. Not one I've tried before but looks interesting.


The purple ones are using the Express Lane pattern which is a free one. I'm just using the stitch pattern as a guide as my gauge is a bit different. I'm going to do the Fish Lips Kiss heel for these as it's my favourite.

Do you like trying out different heels? Any particular favourites? I've tried slipped stitch, heel flap, sweet tomato, fish lips kiss, Wendy Johnson's Gusset heel, afterthought heel...

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  1. Lovely socks as always! Personally I'm a big fan of slipped stitches in all their configurations ; )

  2. That's the way to do it to avoid second sock syndrome! That second sock really sucks me in while the first is like a farmer's market stand of produce.

  3. Love both of these, I like to try different heels to keep it interesting. Like the fleegle (sp?) and afterthought so far!

  4. I tend to knit the same old pattern over and over, I should branch out. Lovely yarns!

  5. I love that Whiz Bang pattern. The yarn you picked is perfect for the pattern. I queued the pattern, but I don't do well with toe-up ...

  6. I'm too new at socks to experiment with heels--but someday! Love those purple ones :)


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