Monday, 8 June 2015


One of the reasons I've been a bit distracted lately is because we've been planning on getting some chickens. We first started investigating them in February but what with one thing and another we decided to delay getting them until now. So yesterday afternoon the lovely James from The Cock and Pullet brought over our new coop and spent a couple of hours getting us set up. By the way, if you're in North Bedfordshire and interested in chickens I highly recommend visiting them in Sharnbrook, lovely people :-)

Anyways, I guess I should probably introduce our girls to you shouldn't I :-) They're all pekin bantams with fluffy feet and big bottoms lol


So from left to right we have Betsy (buff colour), Maude (cuckoo) and Merry (lavender)





They've already proved themselves to be fascinating to watch and an excellent time waster. They're only 8 weeks old so we won't be getting eggs until the Autumn probably. They aren't a big egg laying breed anyway though. When they're bigger they'll be allowed to free range in the garden and hopefully eat up any slugs and snails they come across ;-)

Does anyone else keep chickens? Any tips you wish you'd known before keeping them? I've been trying to find blogs about chickens but not had much success so would love any recommendations.

Have a good week everyone :-)


  1. We used to have neighbors who had chickens, and I loved watching them. They are very cute and entertaining. As for your breed, it's all about the bass, huh?

  2. I would love to have chickens, but my husband isn't as keen!! Yours are gorgeous!

  3. These hens are lovely! What unusual colorings. I would like a hen or two. The thought of having fresh eggs is amazing.

  4. I hope that you and the chickens will all be very happy and that they will lay some eggs for you when the time is right and enjoy your garden bugs in the meantime! xx

  5. have fun keeping chickens, I haven't any but it seems like it would be fun.


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