Monday, 15 June 2015

Right Now

Inspired by Amy's post a couple of weeks ago, right now I am...

Enjoying: my colourful garden. We planted some bedding plants this weekend as well as moving a couple of plants into better positions and tidying things up a little


Thinking: I'd really like a quiet month with nothing to worry about.


Watching: Restless, my parents gave us the dvd months ago but we've only just watched it. Very enjoyable, if a little gory in places!

Looking: at the chickens scratching around their run. They're always so busy


Feeling: Tired, low on energy, out of spoons.
Drinking: home made elderflower cordial, absolutely delicious.


Glad: that Mr Soaring Sheep is around today.

Reading: nothing, just finished The Skull Throne by Peter V Brett. Bought the first book in the series ages ago but finally read it on holiday and have gone on to read the next 3 in rapid succession. Unfortunately the last book isn't out until 2017 :-(


Planning: a new knitting project, not sure if it will be a shawl or another pair of socks
Doing: avoiding the housework


Making: Mr Soaring Sheep's sweater
Happy: that the sun is shining but it's not uncomfortably hot either


Hoping: things calm down soon
Wondering: when the mother of our future puppy will come into season. Should hopefully be in the next month or so :-)


Gathering: flowers from the garden to put into little vases
Wearing: Summer skirts and new shoes with bows on the front.


Question: What things are you enjoying at the moment?


  1. Your garden pics are really lovely! And I always applaud avoiding housework - so many interesting things to do instead. I'm enjoying right now a yummy cup of Assam tea while reading blogs in the quiet of the morning before my son wakes up.

  2. I'm enjoying reading your post! Thank you for the mention. I hope that you can find lots of good ways to keep avoiding the housework and can instead get out and enjoy your beautiful garden! So many lovely plants and flowers!!! Especially the roses! They are stunning!!! xx

    1. Thank you :) Roses are absolutely gorgeous at this time of year aren't they. Bit rubbish the rest of the year but when they're flowering and filling the air with their perfume you can't beat them

  3. Gorgeous roses, foxgloves and snapdragons. Oh, my!

  4. Your flowers look wonderful. I like those purple bell-like ones. I enjoyed a simple meal and some knitting before that.

    1. Thank you :) I'm thinking the purple ones are penstemons but they would have been planted by the previous people I think as I don't remember buying any lol

  5. What lovely pictures of your garden. I enjoy gardening too, although I am still waiting for enough flowers to cut some for the house. I grow cut flowers in our allotment, so from August onwards we tend to have lots and lots for cutting, but right now I mostly enjoy them in the garden. :)


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