Thursday, 11 June 2015

My Garden - June 2015

I've finally got round to taking some photos of how my garden is growing this month. Everything is shooting up and there's lots more colour appearing.


We took the unhappy acer out of the big pot in the middle and replaced it with a pink rhododendron from the front garden. The acer is now in a pot on our patio out of the bright sun and there is a purple rhododendron in the pot at the front which will work better with the pink azalea.

I've got a pink and purple variagated cordyline I need to plant up at the weekend. Just working my way through the pots which had Spring bulbs in so need to get those out, change the compost and add some Summer bedding plants :-)


The snapdragons are full of colour, really enjoying them :-) That part of the garden smells beautiful with lots of stocks and pinks.


On the other side of the garden this beautiful rose is full of scent too. I keep meaning to cut one of the flowers to have in a vase inside but I can't bring myself to do it. I'll just have to keep going outside to smell them lol



We've got lots of foxgloves flowering too in shades of pink and cream. I think I've got a yellow one starting soon but it's not opened yet so can't tell for sure


Some of the lupins are starting to go to seed, I guess I should probably deadhead them now as I'm not wanting to grow them from seed. They're really pretty though with their fluffy casings. You can see another flower already starting to form :-)



This lily continues to grow, it's about as tall as my petite 9 year old now! There's lots of buds growing ready to flower


I'm pleased with how my hanging basket has turned out too. Not too bad for a first attempt although should probably have put something more upright in the centre of the compost. Love the fuschias especially :-)


The chickens decided to put themselves down for a nap at lunchtime, they weren't too impressed at me disturbing them.




I'm looking forward to when they are big enough to roam around the garden rather than being confined to their run all the time. They have a big run though so it's not too bad as they're only babies still :-)

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  1. It must be so fragrant in your garden.

  2. do you know that your garden colors reflect your knitting tastes in colors? vibrant and alive :)

  3. Your garden looks great, so many beautiful flowers!!! The rose is fabulous isn't it! xx

  4. oooh! I love your garden! Its looking sooo beautiful! you have put mine to shame!! enjoy lovely x

    1. aw thank you :) I think your garden is lovely, I wish I had your space. I'd love to be able to have more shrubs in the garden but I'd have to expand the flower beds to fit them in and the children would object to losing the lawn lol


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