Thursday, 4 June 2015

Last of the holiday photos

I'm going to whizz through these ones now and then it will be back to normal posting :-)

On the Wednesday we met up with my in-laws to cycle part of the Camel Trail, a cycle route which runs alongside the river Camel following the path of an old railway line




We had fish and chips by the sea for our lunch and then rushed back to move the car before our parking ticket ran out. We were just in the time :-S

On Thursday we visited the Eden project. I'd wanted to go there for a long time but when we got there is wasn't quite what I was expecting. I think it was a bit too touristy for me, I like wandering around gardens in my own little world, not being surrounded by sweaty people rushing around in a hurry. I don't think I'll be going back there :-S


Having said that the plants were spectacular, I wish I could have taken longer looking at some of them. These first ones were in the Rainforest Biome.









After a quick picnic we went into the Mediterranean Biome, much more pleasant in there without the humidity of the Rainforest Biome




I love poppies, I hope the one in my garden that I rescued from the reduced section will flower this year. Not got any buds formed yet but it's had a difficult start so is probably a bit behind...


I love Ranunculus's too ;-)


On our last day we went for a walk round a country park. We ended up going here twice during the week, much quieter than the Eden project lol.






And that's it, the last of the photos from our holiday. I feel both energised and relaxed, clearly I was in need of a break. Thanks for indulging me in sharing my photos with you.

I've got a few posts ideas planned for this month already but for now I'd better get on with some chores so I can have some free time this afternoon for some knitting :-)


  1. Love your photos :) I do enjoy some good views of the sea, there is nothing like it is there. We went to the Eden project a couple of years ago and we also found it to be too touristy and busy. It was a very warm day and the heat of the domes made it so much worse. I think its one of those experiences that must be tried out but we won't do it again. Glad you enjoyed your holiday xxxx

  2. A great holiday!!! We went to The Eden Project some years ago, it wasn't that busy when we went, don't know if it was because it was probably a non school holiday weekday or if it was quieter then. We enjoyed it, but I did prefer the temperate biome to the rainforest one! Glad that you had great times! xx

  3. What a great, tourist attraction. Those domes are futuristic. I am envious of your cycling trip. I'm trying to get my girls to practice more on their bikes so we can take a ride. They are too slow for us adults to ride right now.


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