Monday, 30 December 2013

New project - Alec XL

A week ago I cast on an Alec XL jumper for Mr Soaring Sheep. As you can see, I'm motoring through it!


I've got a few more hip decreases to do but after that it's just plain stockinette. I'm making the large size with about 4 inches of positive ease. Just before I separated the sleeves it felt like each round was taking forever!

Mr Soaring Sheep is very excited, he's not had a hand knitted jumper since he was a child :-)


  1. That is going to turn out great. I've seen photos of this pattern before and really like it. That's one lucky husband.

    1. aw thank you :) It's a lovely pattern. I made the child size for my son and was thrilled when Sarah said she was bringing out an adult version

  2. Oh wow you are a quick crafter! I wish I had the same speedy progress to my crafts....but I think I get distracted quite alot!! Looking very good!

  3. This is such a special project. You are a loving wife! I can't imagine knitting an XL jumper for my husband. I'd go bonkers worth all that body to get through.

  4. Gosh you are motoring through that!! Lovely that you have some an excited recipient waiting!


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