Monday, 9 December 2013

Monday Makings

Morning everyone. It's very busy in our house at the moment with various end of term and Christmas events going on. I'm counting down until the 20th when Mr Soaring Sheep finishes work and the children finish school and we can chill out for a bit. It's fun being busy but it's hard work at times too.

I wanted to show you how much progress I've made on my cardigan. I would really like to get the neck cast off by the end of this week, I think that should be an achievable goal with a bit of effort


It's not quite as oddly shaped as it seems, just needs a jolly good block!

I'm enjoying this section of the colourwork a lot more than the previous ones. I like the short little stripes of pattern, they're fun to knit because they work up so quickly and there are only 4 stitches for each repeat so my brain is happy too lol


I treated myself to a project bag a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love with the print after seeing it on ebay, lost the initial auction but the lady then offered to make me one using her left over fabric. Isn't it cheerful :-)


It's very full because it contains the yarn for a secret project I'm making for Mr Soaring Sheep. It's for Christmas and is going to be colourful (like most of my projects really!). I just need to find some other little bits to decorate it and finish making it


I love having colourful projects to work on, especially ones that are fairly simple and are easy to pick up quickly :-) For now though I'd better get on with some chores, not quite as fun but unfortunately necessary!


  1. Love the project bag! Dh also finishes on the 20th (really unusual for him!) so I'm really looking forward to the holidays too.

  2. Cute project bag! Makes MW think of my mum who loves mushrooms as I do too. Their earthy flavor and smell are awesome. You really are zooming along on that color work. Great job.

    1. It's fab isn't it :) I loved the bright colours

  3. It's a lovely cardigan. I'm sure you can cast off. :-)

  4. Love the cardigan and that project bag.

  5. beautiful!!!!!!!!! (also love the bag! I'm a real bag lady!!!)

    1. Thank you :) I've never had a project bag before, I can definitely appreciate what a good idea they are though. Maybe I need a few more, one for the car, one for my handbag... etc. ;-)

  6. That cardigan looks amazing! Nice work!


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