Monday, 13 May 2013

Still sock-ing

I cast on a new pair of socks yesterday morning and by the evening I was starting to turn the heel! It's amazing how much faster just knitting plain stockinette is lol. I used Judy's magic cast on for the toe, it is awesome! Definitely my favourite cast on for toe up socks, it's brilliant. I did a Sweet Tomato Heel for the heel and I've got mixed feelings about it:


Excuse the rubbish photo, my camera is at the repair shop :-(

I don't like the way the stitches are a bit raised in places. Not sure if that will improve with blocking or whether it gets neater with practice. I think I'm going to try another type of heel for the next pair of socks, does anyone have any suggestions?

Oh and in case anyone is interested, the yarn I'm using in the above photo is Laughing Yaffle sock in a colourway called "Jewel Box". It's gorgeous to knit and I love the way it's striped. I'm very tempted to buy some more of it but after totting up how much yarn I've got and finding I've gained 6 miles since last year's Stash Flash. Whoops :-S I blame discovering lace knitting, sock knitting and crochet!

Perhaps a little bit of stash-busting is called for!


  1. I see what you mean about the heel, maybe it is meant for solid colored yarn? But I'm not sure if it would be obvious to anyone but you, but you are the knitter and I know you want things to be perfect. 6 miles is a lot of gorgeous and wonderful yarn!

    1. Yeah that's what I was wondering too. I'm going to see how blocking goes and keep on trying new techniques until I find the right one :-)

  2. That yarn is so cool! I need to try different sock techniques.

    1. Go for it, it's fun learning new skills :)


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