Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Fluffy post

As I'm on my last skein of sock yarn (or at least sock yarn I want to make sock from rather than a shawl...) I ordered a couple of skeins from Flamboyance Yarns which arrived last week. I might also have signed up for their sock yarn club for this Summer too. Very excited about this :-)


This colourway is called Orange Rainbow and is dyed on their Odyssey base which is 80% bfl and 20% nylon. I'm sure it will make some very happy socks :-)

The other yarn I ordered is called Firebird which is dyed on their Pharos base which is 75% superwash wool and 25% nylon so possibly harder wearing than the above yarn. I mainly ordered it for the colour though...


How yummy is that! :-D

I'm going to save both these yarns for either the Summer holidays or the Autumn. Feeling more able to knit something a bit different to socks now. The first pattern I want to do is Alec by Sezza knits. There's a KAL going on in June so I took advantage of the discount code, bought the pattern and ordered some yarn. I dyed it a semi-solid red colour but unfortunately on my camera this has photographed as looking pink!


It is definitely red, honest! I'm really looking forward to knitting this pattern, especially as Sarah has said she's working on an adult version which I think Mr Soaring Sheep would be very keen on :-)

For now though, I'm going to carry on knitting my sock. I'm about 2 inches off turning the heel of my second sock. I'll share some photos tomorrow for WIP Wednesday :-)


  1. Love the Firebird colorway-- I would've picked that one too!!!

    1. It's fab isn't it, looking forward to knitting it up :)

  2. Lovely dye job, the color appears to be very consistant and I can see how it might be a bright pretty red. I definitely want to see more dyeing experiments from you, I think you have a natural knack for it! Lovely sock yarn choices too, I'm in awe that you had run low on sock yarn!

    1. thank you :) There are a few stronger patches on one skein but I'm hoping they'll look fine once it's knitted up. Hopefully my SLR will get back from being repaired soon and I can try to get a better photo of the colour.

      I've only recently been discovering socks though so haven't had a chance to stash much yet. I'm sure that will change with time lol!

  3. Pretty sock yarn!! I love your hand-dyed yarn too, and looking forward to seeing your Alec :D

  4. You are so adventurous with sock yarn and color!


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