Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Decopatch Teddy

I mentioned yesterday that I'd been having a go at Decopatch. I've not actually been able to varnish it yet because after weeks of having a pot of varnish on a shelf in the kitchen I made Mr Soaring Sheep put it away in the garage and now I can't find it! Whoops :-S


Decopatch is basically sticking little pieces of paper onto something to make it look prettier. I used "proper" decopatch paper which seems a little stronger than normal paper so more flexible and less likely to tear when wet. I didn't use the decopatch glue this time but I'm planning on getting some at the weekend along with some more paper and something to stick onto and that will be one of the crafts the children and I do over half term next week. I have done decopatch with them before using pictures of flowers cut out of magazines and then stuck onto terracotta pots. Makes a very cheerful design :-)


I like the way it looks like teddy is holding a flower in her left paw. Completely accidental on my part lol.

Such a fun and easy to learn craft. I'm sure I'll be doing it again, I'm finding myself eyeing up picture frames, and pots and things in the house and wanting to paper over them lol. Very satisfying :-)

Have you ever had a go at decopatch? I'd love to see photos or read about any ideas you've come across.

I'm going to finish the ribbing on my socks now. I've hurt my wrist a little from knitting too much so I've been trying to do other things for a few days. Feeling better now though so I'll do the remaining 12 rows, cast off and then get something cast on for tomorrow's WIP Wednesday post. Busy is fun lol


  1. I have never heard of this before, how cool! I'm definitely going to have to take a closer look at this technique sometime. You are always doing so many interesting projects!

    1. It's great fun, I definitely recommend you give it a try at some point :)

  2. This looks real neat. From afar, I thought you made this out of material.


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