Friday, 24 May 2013

FO Friday Capricious Cardigan

I finished my Capricious Cardigan a little while ago now but with everything that's happened this month and the rubbish weather we've got I just haven't had a chance to get photos before now. However, we managed to dodge the showers yesterday and get some photos done in the garden!

Photos to upload

It's such a lovely pattern to knit. It's fingering weight yarn but knitted on 4.0 mm needles so it has a lovely drape. I've been wearing it loads. I knitted mine using Rowan Pure Wool in the Framboise colourway and it's very cosy. My gauge was slightly off so I had to fiddle with the sleeve decreases and I could have added some extra length but I'm happy with it and I wouldn't hestitate to knit it again :-)

Photos to upload1

I've been playing around on Picasa to make these collages. It's quite fun actually! My assistant model is my 2 year old daughter. I felt awkward posing by myself and she wanted to come outside too :-)

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  1. Your cardigan looks great, and there are some lovely snaps of your daughter with you. Now hopefully your weather improves :)

  2. Loving the cardi!!! And the pics with your daughter are adorable!

  3. Your cardigan is great, I love the shape and the colour is also beautiful. Nice pictures:)

  4. You two are gorgeous! The only thing missing is a matching sweater for her. The purple is a lovely color for you too and the pattern looks fun to knit for sure.

  5. Lovely cardi and great photos!

  6. Your cardigan is lovely :-)

    I will have to have a look at Picasa - I'm a little addicted to photo editing programs at the moment!

  7. What a great cardigan. Love the purple and pink together with you and your daughter.

  8. Pretty cardi, it looks nice and cozy!

  9. I love how you laid out your photo shoot! THe cardi is terrific. It fits you so well. Your little one has such an infectious smile.


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