Thursday, 30 May 2013

Spinning Week 1

Inspired by Sarah at Crafts from the Cwtch I've been playing at spinning my own yarn. I bought a fibre and drop spindle kit from Hilltopcloud and I've been trying to do a little spinning every day. Even thought I've not been doing it long I'm starting to see an improvement in how even the yarn is and getting more of a feel for the process. Here's my first attempt which was done over several sessions. The inner area is slightly more even than the outside!


And this is what I've spun this evening:


I think it's getting a bit better?

It's fun learning a new craft. I can almost feel my brain processing it at night when I'm sleeping, I keep having dreams of fiber lol.

I've finished the heel on my sock and knitted about half way up the leg part. I actually did the heel twice because I started the first attempt late at night without the instructions and muddled myself so it ended up wonky. I frogged it back, restarted and it came out just fine. When will I learn not to do things using my brain when I'm tired?


As you can see my ripple cushion has grown a little too :-)

I'll be back tomorrow for FO Friday to share some socks with you that I was working on last week so please drop by again. Mr Soaring Sheep and I are going to have a curry and watch Springwatch now, night!


  1. Oh wow, I just couldn't get the hang of spinning.

  2. Oh I love it! I'm terrible at spinning that nice fluffy yarn, so of course I'm envious of your product there. You are totally a natural! Looks like you are really into stripes right now too, how fun!

    1. lol whereas I envy your ability to produce the thin delicate yarn that can be plied together nicely! It was seeing the beautiful yarns you've made that made me realise you don't need a spinning wheel to make stunning yarn, but it still seemed so complicated. Then Sarah seemed to pick it up so quickly I thought I'd give it a go too :-)

  3. Loving all the colors-- and your spinning is beautiful too!

  4. Super cool that you're handspinning now! I am envious! It is now summer for me, thank goodness. I was pooping out by the end oftheyear. I need to dig out the drop spindle Inhad bought last November and try out that pencil roving! Didn't know there were spindle kits. What a deal!


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