Monday, 20 May 2013

Blooming Flower Cushion revisited and a cake

Morning guys, hope you had a good weekend. We celebrated my eldest son's 6th birthday. He only got two proper presents this year, a huge lego set and a new bike. He got some pj's and trousers too but he needed bigger ones anyway so they don't really count ;-) We went for a cycle ride in the afternoon and by the end of it I was regretting giving him a bike with gears. I could barely keep up with him!

When we came home Mr Soaring Sheep baked him a birthday cake and then I iced and decorated it in my usual tasteful style... Ok, maybe not that tasteful!


It's an incredibly decadent chocolate cake with chocolate fudge icing, there is nothing delicate or pretty about it at all. Tastes pretty good though!

Several people commented on my FO Friday post last week asking about the round cushion. Yes I did make it, and I blogged about it here


I used Lucy from Attic24's pattern here and yarn left over from my Granny Tree skirt


What can I say, I love colour! It makes me happy seeing bright colours around the house or dressing my children. Given how grey the weather has been I've been even more grateful for colour than usual.

Tomorrow I've got a slightly different craft technique to show off to you, we got given a cardboard bear a couple of months ago so yesterday I had a go at "decopatch". I need to give the bear a coat of varnish but hopefully she'll have dried out by tomorrow so I can show her off :-)


  1. I'd say those are some pretty awesome birthday presents! The cake looks super yummy too, if there is candy on top that's how you know it's good. The cushion looks amazing, something people would be willing pay a lot of money for. I'm sure it brightens the room! I remember the tree skirt! I love that project.

    1. The cushion pattern is so easy to do but it's a lovely effect :) I love my tree skirt too, I'm hoping it will have flattened out a bit after being in storage for a year but if not I'll give it a proper block this year. I just wanted to get it finished so I could use it last year lol

  2. How awesome your husband bakes! Mine only knows how to nuke, order take out, and go get it, LOL!


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