Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WIPs Wednesday

So Wednesday is here again and this time I actually have two WIP's to show you. Firstly I'd like to show off my Paprika cardigan, I'm on to the skirt bit now which is simple straight forward knitting. The cable section was a little fiddly especially the bits where I had to use a cable needle but it turned out fine. My only problem was when I thought I had made a mistake, un-knitted an entire row and then re-read the pattern and realised I'd been right all along! Ooo I felt stupid!


The yarn is looking lovely and it's so nice to knit with. I'm really enjoying both the pattern and the yarn. Good job as I've got about 8 inches of skirt left to do then picking up stitches along the front and neck. I was planning on doing a hood but my daughter isn't sure if she wants one now, fickle child. I will see how we both feel about it closer to the time.

My other WIP is of course my second sock. It's knitting up very much the same as the first one did, funny that! I'm currently doing the decreases after the heel, the pattern refers to it as being the instep.


I can't wait to finish it and being able to wear them both. I can see why people get addicted to socks! At this point in time I don't especially want to knit patterned ones as I like the quickness of knitting stockinette and watching the colours in the yarn swirling round. I am rather tempted by the Jaywalker pattern though, possibly the Toe Up version by way of a change. Especially as I've got some sock yarn coming for my birthday in two weeks time :-D

(I was very sneaky, I took advantage of Flamboyance Yarns' 20% off sale and then emailed Mr Soaringsheep informing him I'd just bought some yarn but he could give it to me for my birthday and by the way could he pay for it! He's so sweet sometimes lol)

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