Wednesday, 11 April 2012

WIP Wednesday

Well I'm making good progress with my Paprika, I've finished the main part of the cardigan and done the sleeves, now I'm just left with finishing the hood and then I need to pick up stitches round the front and the hood for the ribbing.


However, yesterday I was getting a bit bored with knitting pink so decided to cast on something else! It's a Little Momo jumper using some sock yarn I bought back in February.

It seems to be quite a simple pattern, it's a top down jumper with the cable worked over the front stitches. The safety pin is marking which row of the cable pattern I'm on, I count in 10's so if I forget where I am it's easy to pick up again


Not much to see at this point as that was only a day's work and it's sock yarn so it's never going to grow quickly! I'm not sure which of my boys it's going to be for, it depends who it fits!

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