Friday, 6 April 2012

FO Friday

Well it's Friday again so that means it's time for me to show you my latest finished object :-) Incidentally I don't think I'll have one to show you next week as I'm only working on my Paprika cardigan at the moment and as it's a 6T size and we're in the middle of the Easter holidays I'm not getting a lot of knitting time at the moment.

Anyways, this friday I'm showing off my Mystery KAL cardigan!


The pattern is called My Honey and will be part of the Spice Girl's 2 collection by Elena Nodel.

Obviously as it was a mystery KAL we didn't know what the finished design would look like. It was fun seeing the teasing hints and photos on the ravelry forum. I especially enjoyed knitting the lace section as lace work is something I'm wanting to explore a little more. Whilst I wouldn't say I've mastered cables, I'm pretty confident at taking them on now so lace knitting is a new way of stretching myself as a knitter.


The original design had instructions for long sleeves but to be honest I wasn't too sure about the style of them. Plus with the lace yoke and the warm weather we were having at the time I was knitting I thought a short sleeve cardigan would get more use this Spring and Summer. Perhaps if I'd knitted a larger size I would have gone for the long sleeves but I really like how this one has turned out.


All in all it was a well written pattern and as the lace section isn't too big it's a good introduction to lace knitting if you're a bit unsure about trying it. The stockinette body was a little boring to knit up but it is quick to do and contrasts nicely with the complexity of the yoke. I mostly enjoyed knitting it (apart from when I was feeling ill at the start!) and would possibly knit it again. I say possibly because I'm a bit of a fickle knitter and I like trying out new patterns!

The baby seems pretty pleased with it!


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