Monday, 2 April 2012

Paprika WIP

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Excuse the poor quality photo, I took it on my phone and the battery was almost flat!

This is where I currently am with the Paprika cardigan. You can see the Triple Gull cables on the top left of the photo which I'm enjoying doing. The pattern uses the contiguous set-in sleeves method for making the sleeves which I've not used before. I've done the left front and I'm now working on the back section.

The yarn is far more beautiful in real life, gorgeous rich colours with a subtle variation as you knit which adds to rather than subtracts from the complex design. I've missed working on this, mindless knitting has it's place but there is something very satisfying about using your brain!

Unfortunately from a knitting point of view it's the first day of the Easter holidays so I've got all four of the children at home. I'm hoping to take them to the park later today to tire them out a little and burn off some of their energy! The weather forecast isn't very promising for this week so we'll be doing some indoor activities. We're having a fairy theme for this holiday so will be making fairy cakes, fairy wings, face painting, fairy gardens, decorating flower pots.... Should be a lot of fun :-)

Anyway, my cup of tea is ready so I'd better go :-)


  1. Ooh looks like it's going to be lovely, I love the colour :-) enjoy your easter hols, having a theme sounds like fun.

    1. It was a custom dye by Beth at Luscious Little Somethings :-)

      I managed to get some work done on it while the littlen's slept. Just baked some fairy cakes with them and currently doing a bit of sock knitting while we wait for them to cool down


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