Friday, 13 April 2012

Not quite a FO friday

Sorry about the lack of pictures in this post. I finished the Paprika last night but at the moment it's still blocking and lacks buttons so I'm not going to show off any photos until it's fully finished. It does look rather good though even if I do say so myself!

My daughter has tried it on and twirled around in it and declared that she likes it so that's always good!

The one regret I have is not spending enough time making sure I had the same number of stitches on each side whilst picking them up at the front. I'm hoping blocking will stop this being noticeable but if not then I may undo the edging and do it properly. It's too nice a cardigan for me to want to leave a mistake in it. My own fault for picking up stitches late at night when I was tired. One day I am going to stop doing this to myself and go to bed early instead!

So currently I'm knitting the sock yarn jumper. I was a little worried that the colours in the yarn would fight too much with the cable design down the front but I think it's turning out rather nicely actually. I'm using 3.5mm needles and sock yarn so it's quite a light and airy fabric but I think it will be great for those Summer days when it's not quite warm enough for just a t.shirt but you don't want something too heavy.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I'm going to have a cup of tea now and do some knitting while my boys sleep and my girls play. Ava has decided this week that she'd rather skip her nap time and then fall asleep in her high chair at tea time... *sigh*

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