Thursday, 16 April 2015


I was going to show you some photos I took the other day of my colourful tulips in the pots at the front of my house but I've just been hanging out some washing and spotted lots of interesting things in the back garden I wanted to show you. I hope you forgive my plant related posts, I'm just so happy to have my own garden and to watch things coming to life :-)


I was ever so excited to spot that my Bleeding Heart has started to grow flowers. Hopefully it's quite happy where I've planted it and it will keep coming back year after year. If not, well at least I can make the most of it this year :-)


My bergenia is also starting to flower. A bit later than some of the other gardens round here but it will give some colour as the daffodils go over and the tulips are still developing


The flowering quince is still covered in buds and flowers, what a wonderful plant. The bees love it too, I stood there for a while watching them and listening to their humming and a distant wood pigeon


Three houses ago we lived up in Yorkshire and Mr Soaring Sheep bought me a flowering cherry tree (prunus amanogawa) for my birthday one year. The plan was we'd keep it in a pot and then plant it in our first house's garden. Well it's been a long time but we were so glad to finally be able to put it in the ground. I think it's happy there too as it's rewarding us with lots of blossom and bright green leaves




Mr Soaring Sheep comes home this evening after being away for 4 days. I don't really like this new routine of him being away so long but it is nice to have him around all day on Fridays. He's got Monday and Tuesday off as holiday next week so we're going to hopefully have a couple of days out as well as getting the lounge decorated. We've chosen quite a strong, dark colour. I think the room can take it but it's a little scary making such a statement. I'll show you when it's finished. Unless it's hideous and I need to get some white paint on the walls quickly lol.

I've got some knitting done on Mr Soaring Sheep's socks, I'll have to put them away soon as they're a surprise. The colours are slightly more vibrant than this picture shows


I much prefer toe up knitting, it suits my brain better I think ;-)


  1. Bleeding Hearts are very robust and hardy so yours should keep coming back. It is lovely to see all that is in your garden and what is growing and flowering, so feel free to share away as much as you like!!! I love to see what others have growing and blooming! Thank you for sharing your garden with us. xx

    1. Thank you :) I hope it does too. I'm feeling a bit pleased with myself at the moment as I've found a hosta growing in a pot which is the first one I've ever managed to get through it's first Winter! I love them but I don't seem to have much luck with them. Too many slugs lol

  2. lovely flowers, bleeding hearts reminds me of my childhood home :) Glad you have a long weekend ahead to be together!

    1. Thank you :) They remind me of childhood too, I think they're such a distinctive shape they're easy for a young child to learn the name of

  3. I like how the bergenia is like a frou frou flower. It's like a princess ballgown that has layers of tulle. I like toe up too. Io want to try cuff down again on 0's.

    1. I knit all my socks on size 0's but I can't seem to get a stretchy enough cast on unless I use bigger needles. I think I'm a loose knitter but a tight cast-on-er lol

  4. Our Bleeding Heart suddenly went huge this week. I don't know if it was the heatwave or what, but it seems to have grown over 50cm in a week!

    1. Ours seems to be starting a growth spurt now too, I'm glad I manged to plant it somewhere where it feels happy lol


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