Tuesday, 28 April 2015

FO - Fish Lips Kiss Heel socks

I've been wanting to try the Fish Lips Kiss heel for a while and I've finally got round to it with this pair of socks


As you can see it's a short row heel and very straight forward to work. No wraps to deal with, it's easy to see which stitch you're turning on and I've pretty much got it memorised now


It gives a lovely neat finish and fits wonderfully too. I really recommend giving it a try :)


The yarn I used was from Laughing Yaffle in a colourway called Splendour. I ended up with the stripes almost matching too :-)


I tried using the Twisted German Cast On for these socks but didn't really find it any stretchier than my usual two tail cast on. One of the reasons I prefer toe up socks. Does anyone have any others they'd recommend? I tried doing a slip knot cast on one but couldn't get the hang of it.

Over the weekend we decorated the last downstairs room in our house. It was originally a dark pinky purple colour which was nice but we wanted to make it a little more us...



Subtle and tasteful ;-)

Took us three coats to cover up the previous colour and I'll be honest, up until the third coat I wasn't sure if I liked it. I knew I liked the paint colour but the pink was coming through so it looked darker and dirty. Now I love it though. Just need to find some blinds to go with it.

Next painting jobs are the three bedrooms. We've bought the paint for the boys' room and the master bedroom but still deciding on the right shade for the girls' room. Probably going to need to get a couple of tester pots mixed up. Having lots of fun in the process though! Yay for being able to make the house our own :)

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  1. I've stopped working on my current socks for now as I can't work out which heel I wanted to use. I was going for a heel flap, but think I might break into Fish Lips Kiss. I've heard people with high arches can find them uncomfortable...we will see.

    1. You could always put in a life line and if the heel didn't suit then you can frog back easily. I know I used to have a high instep as a child although I've no idea what I've got now. Even if you don't like the fit you'll have learned a new short row technique :)

  2. I like the paint color. We will be painting in two weeks and I wish you were here to guide me....however, I picked more neutral colors to brighten up a dark home. We will see if I chose wisely. Love your socks btw!!!

  3. Love the new wall colour, and the new socks!!! So much colour, but so fabulous in both things! xx

  4. I've been afraid of short-row heels. It seems like I heard or read somewhere that they don't fit as well, but I bet it's a matter of personal taste and well-written instructions.
    Love your bold walls.

  5. Ooh interesting, short row heels don't generally fit me as my heels are so bony, but that one looks so neat I might have to give it at try!

  6. Love this pop of orange! I have learned how to paint as the baby's rim was my learning curve. Laughter and fun is what I think of when I see these socks.


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