Thursday, 2 April 2015

My Garden - April 2015

Spring has definitely got going in my garden now. Lots of flowers and colour as things start to grow again :-)

My new willow's catkin things are bursting open and I've spotted a few bees investigating them already


My pots of crocuses have now moved on to daffodils which make me smile whenever I look in the garden. Such happy flowers


Mr Soaring Sheep helped me move this hibiscus into place. It was from my Mum and has spent the Winter on the patio while we tried to think where to put it! Hopefully it will enjoy the gentle sunlight this corner of the garden gets whilst still being sheltered


This is the left hand side of my garden, please excuse the washing line pole, I was taking advantage of the dry weather!


This is the right hand side. I need to throw away that plastic pot on the path. I've brought it with me to various houses for 9 years now because it had the most beautiful lillies in. I've finally dug them out and planted them around the garden.


The black frame thing is going to have sweet peas growing up it. You can see the winter jasmine growing to the left of the picture next to the gate and in the middle there is a wisteria planted. At the moment it's hidden behind a pot because it's still very small and more closely resembles a stick right now. Lots of buds ready to grow though :-)

Last month's garden post can be found here. I'm looking forward to creating a record of my garden developing throughout the year. It makes me so happy looking at it. I frequently go out to hang some washing out or put something in the wheely bins round the side and then spend a few minutes pottering around to see what has grown or started flowering.

I'll show you the pots at the front in a later post. I've got tulip buds appearing and a couple of perennial wallflowers full of buds that I'm keeping a close eye on. Exciting lol.

Does anyone else have some garden posts to share? I love seeing what other people are growing :) There's a lovely post on Daisy's blog about how her garden is growing at the moment.


  1. Hi! I'm always amazed at your weekly FO Fridays - for me it's more like a yearly "FO Dec 24th." So far my daffodils are the only ones working in our new house's garden this season, but I've got big plans, lots of seeds, and a new shovel. :) Today's garden post:

  2. Those daffs are like little blooms of sunshine! xxx

  3. I love Daffodils too, such a cheerful spring flower! Happy Easter to youxx

  4. Looks lovely. My yard is so shady that nothing grows!

  5. Your garden's looking lovely - roll on warmer weather! Thank you for the link.

  6. So lovely to see your garden! Isn't spring amazing? Life popping up everywhere! I look forward to the next installment!

  7. The Willow catkins are a neat plant. I haven't seen that before. After we move and settle in, we'll be working on the front yard and backyard. With California in drought, we can't justify maintaining grass.


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