Friday, 10 April 2015

5 on Friday

I'm joining in with Amy's 5 on Friday post today. I wanted to show you the 5 new plants I bought to go in my garden. I posted about my garden last week if you want to see what it's looking like now :-)

First up is a delphinium. I love the colour of these and as my garden isn't really big enough for lots shrubs to give it height I thought this would look good.


I've also got foxgloves, lupins and lillies scattered around as well so I'm hoping for lots of colour this Summer. My eldest daughter chose this particular coloured delphinium.

Next up is this teeny little Bleeding Heart. I have tried growing these once before when we lived up in Yorkshire. I can't remember if it flowered or not but it certainly didn't survive it's first Winter. I'm hoping I'll have more success this time


Numbers 3 and 4 are both Ranunculus's. My youngest son and I had a disagreement about which colour looked best. I thought this orange one was beautiful


My son preferred the white one


Given my Mum has said in the past that it's good to have white flowers in the garden to help make the other colours pop out more and Mr Soaring Sheep was feeling generous we decided to get both. They've got lots of buds growing up from the base so hopefully we'll get lots of flowers from these over the next few weeks

Last but not least is a Bergenia. My garden spends a lot of the day in shade, especially near the patio where I've planted this. Hopefully it will spread and add colour and texture to that part of the garden


So that's my 5 on Friday, hop over to Amy's post to see what other people are writing about :-) Have a good weekend everyone :-)


  1. Such lovely plants you have chosen. I love bleeding hearts as my grandma used to have one outside her front door. Your garden will look lovely, I'm sure!

    1. I remember my Mum having some bleeding hearts around her patio. They're such pretty flowers :)

  2. I am in the process of trying to create a garden from scratch because we have just moved into a new build. This is really interesting and I am going to have a look for a Bergenia because I have a bit that spends a lot of the day shaded too. I love that Bleeding Heart I think I might copy that too, thank you so much for the inspiration! Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Exciting that you get to create just what you want. We moved in to our first house 7 months ago and have changed the garden quite a lot. The previous people didn't have a lot of plants but we've kept some of them like the fuschias, hydrangea and flowering quince :)

      Bergenias are lovely this time of year, mine is just starting to show it's flowers

  3. ooh, your garden is going to look fantastic. Delphiniums are some of my favourite cottage gardens. I too had a bleeding heart in my garden, it grew huge and then one harsh winter three years ago it didn't survive. I think this may be the year I get a new one too. enjoy this weather and your garden x

    1. Hehe I'm not sure about it being fantastic but hopefully it will be full of colour :) I've got foxgloves and lupins planted so hopefully they'll add height as well as the delphiniums. I'm hoping my bleeding heart survives it's first year, they're such pretty plants.

  4. oooh I've got some of those too - a delphinium and two bleeding hearts. I love them, they are so pretty!

  5. Lovely selection of plants, a flyer has just popped through the letter box with special offers from a local garden centre. I shall take advantage I think. I have a bleeding heart at the side but I don't think it's too happy where it is so I might move it x

  6. Five fabulous plants!! I like the white ranunculi, but am with you on preferring the orange one!!! The bleeding heart is fabulous - you will probably have seen already this week that I love them! - it should do well for you in the shade in your garden. What great things you are going to have going on this summer! Thank you so much for joining in. I hope that you have a great weekend - with some gardening fun perhaps! xx

  7. Five stunning plants. We too had a bleeding heart in our tiny garden, they are lovely plants, unfortunately it grew so big we had to removed it. I can't wait to see your plants when they are planted and growing.


  8. They are all so pretty. I'm glad we are moving over to the time of the year where we can see so many pretty flowers!

  9. Beautiful new plants!
    I envy English gardener a little about the mild climate... we have bleeding haerts only in pots, im winter in the house, I had it many years...
    Have a nice weekend in your garden

  10. How exciting! This summer, our front yard and backyard are gonna be our landscaping projects. I dream of drought tolerant that invite butterflies and hummingbirds and that foster herbs, fruits, and veggies.

  11. Hi Evelyn, I've called in via Amy's Five On Friday. I really enjoyed looking at the pictures of your garden which you posted last week and look forward to seeing these plants in situ. Have fun in the garden. x


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