Monday, 31 March 2014

Inspiration Monday

 Today I'd like to share my inspiration for my latest project. It's not a particularly original idea but it's one that's been buzzing around my head for a while. It started after seeing the gorgeous POP blanket by Tin Can Knits. Happy bright coloured circles with a plain white border.

I was in more of a crochet mood though and I fancied making a cushion instead. I loved Hazel's Cobblestones cushion but the circles weren't quite what I had in mind. Luckily ravelry came to my aid with this free pattern for a circle in a square. Perfect!

Right, now to decide on colours... then I remembered Tikki knits recent post featuring a gorgeous log cabin blanket that she'd knitted. Well inspired by that I had a rummage around in my yarn stash and pulled out these colours


After a bit of hooking later I came up with some of these happy little squares.


They're so cute! I'm going to join them together to make the front of a cushion and then the back will be a giant sized solid granny square I think. Probably a row of a circle colour and then a cream row in between. I've also got an idea for a border but I'm going to keep it up my sleeve for a while. I'll see how the cushion turns out first.

So a bit of a convoluted post today but thought it might be interesting! For more inspirational posts visit A Baby Smile's Inspiration Monday posts


  1. Those colors will make a bright and beautiful cushion! I love the inspirations you linked to.

  2. Those are beautiful squares. I love the bright colors. I'm currently making circles-in-squares too, the pattern from Solstrikke blog, for a flowers in the snow blanket - eventually. :)

    1. Thank you :) I know that pattern, it's one of my favourites

  3. Very you - the bright colors.

  4. this is going to beTHE best pillow!!! how cute!

  5. I love the color combo! :)

  6. Going to lovely when finished, joined up pops of colour galore.

    Popping over from A baby's smile

  7. I love all those great colors. Your cushion is going to be so bright and cheerful.


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