Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Slow Progress

I'm not going to be winning any prizes for completing projects quickly this week. I've not done any more rounds on my blanket border that I posted about yesterday and all I've managed to complete with my Alec jumper is the first sleeve


It's a very nice sleeve, fits well, just the right length etc. It just isn't really much progress! My little boy is being so very patient with his distracted mum but he does keep asking. I think I'm going to have to challenge myself to get at least one of his projects finished by Friday next week. So just over a week to knit a sleeve, finish a blanket border and weave in lots of ends


I think it's do-able. If I put a little more effort in than I have done lately of course. I'd recommend hoping over to WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along to see what more productive people have been creating. Hopefully I'll be back with a couple of FO's next week :-)


  1. I Think its looking great! But i know it can feel a bit of a drag when your distracted by other things! The wait (for your little man and all of us) will be very worth it!

  2. I see progress! My sweater is taking forever, so what do I do, cast on another project!! I'm back at the sweater today in hopes to finish it sooner than later.

  3. Hey, does he really need two sleeves? Looks great!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one that it takes awhile to finish a project. Thanks for sharing. Love the colors.

  5. The yoke is wonderful. Don't be so hard on yourself. We mums have a lot on our plate.

  6. But it looks lovely. I like the colours, and sometimes it is good for children to wait, it will help him appreciate how much love and effort you are putting in.

  7. Super!! Only one sleeve to knit, the end is in sight :-). I'm sure your boy will look fantastic in this sweater!
    Greetings, Nata xxx


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