Monday, 3 March 2014

Happy Hooking

Spring is here! My favourite season :-) It makes me so happy knowing that the weather is getting warmer and the flowers are coming out


I've got an ill little boy at the moment. He's got two ear infections and hasn't been sleeping well. Lots of tlc and hugs needed. I've promised him I'll finish his blanket this month ready for his birthday in April. I've got a handful of squares left to make.


I think sewing in these ends and joining the squares together will take me a while but I'm so looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it's finished :-) Happy Spring colours to welcome back the sunshine


  1. Hope your little guy feels better soon. Ear infections are painful. What cool mirror! I love all the color in your first photo.

  2. Fantastic colours!!! Very cheerful! x Hope your little man feels better soon x

  3. Aw. Ear infections are no fun as I've just learned from experience. I hope he gets well soon. His finished blanket will cause him to smile.

  4. Poor little man hope he feels better soon, your blanket will be beautiful x


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