Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Onto the second sock

I managed to finish my first MKAL sock yesterday and it fits beautifully. I'm looking forward to getting the second one done and being able to wear them


I think I might try to tighten up the kitchener stitch on the toe slightly. I was doing it in a bit of a hurry because I'd promised my littlest I'd take her to the park. The toe is quite a bit smaller than my normal sock toes, it's only 7 stitches wide whereas I normally cast on a 16 stitches wide toe. I think I prefer a slightly wider toe but not bothered about it enough to redo it!


As you can see I've already knitted the cuff of the next sock so I'm going to do a few rows of the lace pattern today. Apologies for the rubbish photos, it's not an easy yarn to photograph especially when the weather outside is grey and dark. Roll on Summer!

I'm linking in with Nicole's Keep Calm and Craft On today. I've got some photos ready for tomorrow to show you my finished crochet blanket and then on Friday I've got some photos of a jumper I made for my youngest boy. After ages without a FO post you're going to get two in one week lol. And maybe I can get my socks done for the week after ;-)


  1. Lovely socks! Perfect combination: a simple, elegant design beautifully executed in a rich color.

  2. Beautiful colour yarn, can't wait to see your blanket tomorrow!

  3. What a beautiful sock--the color and pattern are so beautiful! Your knitting inspires me! Aloha, Lori

  4. Love the color! Summer? We haven't even found Spring yet! And it's been Spring in the Northern Hemisphere for 4 days now. And it snowed today!! LOL

  5. What is a brillant blue. It's awesome. How does your Kitchener come out? I know the last stitch of the row comes out a bit wonky for me.


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