Wednesday, 11 September 2013

WIP Wednesday

Today I have a sock and a cardigan to show you :-)


The sock pattern is Waihi socks by Sezza.


I've turned the heel as you can see but I'm a bit stuck now. My gauge is off and although that wasn't an issue with my chunky ankles (!) it's making the heel not fit quite right. I've decreased a few extra stitches so I should probably work a few more rows and see if it sorts itself out, otherwise I might have to frog back and redo the heel.


This is the beginning of a sleeve for the Happy Days cardigan. I started it last night and it's satisfyingly quick to knit in comparison to the body. I'm finding my stitches have a tendency to be tighter though for some reason so I'm having to concentrate a little more on that. Hopefully it won't be too long before I have two finished sleeves ready to join onto the body and not long after that comes the scary bit!

I think today I'll work on my sock a bit more because it's such a lovely pattern to knit and I'm really cross with myself for not doing a big enough gauge swatch/having odd shaped feet! To find out what other people are up to this week visit Tami's Amis


  1. That's so aggravating! I'm in the throes of this exactly right now.

    1. Hope it works out for both of us then! :)

  2. The cardigan and socks are wonderful! I hope the extra decreases are all your sock needs.

  3. That is one great sock color way. Sorry you're having trouble with it a bit. I will cross my fingers for you.
    My color work sts are more relaxed than my knitting ones.

  4. Your Happy Days cardigan is quite a project and it looks like you are doing a great job!


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