Thursday, 12 September 2013

Iris Folding

I really love the Iris Folding technique for making cards. It looks so complicated but is so easy. I made this card on Monday for my Dad's birthday. Aside from the scrawly writing I'm rather pleased with it :-)


I think I'm going to make something silly today. I fancy a quick and easy pattern so probably crochet. When I get back from the school run I'll have a look in my scraps bag and pull out some colours that hopefully inspire me. I'm wondering about making one of these from Attic24...

Edit: I've created an Iris Folding board on Pinterest if anyone fancies looking at more examples of this beautiful technique


  1. Great card, I haven't seen anything like this before!

    1. Thank you :-) I've just had great fun on pinterest making a board of designs ( It's very simple to do, you have a template and just layer the colours in the order it says. My then 6 year old made a Christmas tree one last year, she only needed help for cutting the tree shape out :-)

  2. That is so cool! I haven't heard of this technique. Great card.


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