Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Reality check

I've just been rummaging through my yarn box, always a fun way to spend an afternoon lol. I thought I'd clear out some packaging and store all my sock yarns in the same clear bag. Well there were quite a lot of them but it was a lovely cheerful looking bag :-)

I just went on ravelry to add some new yarns I got today. Out of curiosity I thought I'd have a look how many sock yarns I have in my stash...

17. SEVENTEEN. I guess I hadn't found all the ones in my yarn box after all. Whoops! Might have to set myself a challenge for using them up after Christmas.

I would just like to share with you the two I got today. They are from Posh Yarns and are such rich and saturated colours.


Rather Christmassy looking actually aren't they. Didn't occur to me until they arrived! The gorgeous red one is destined to be a scarf for my Dad. He requested a red, fingering weight scarf (I did offer first lol) so I'm going to knit up this pattern for him I think


I'm hoping the pattern will stop it being too monotonous to knit, and I'm sure the red yarn will be lovely to play with :)

The green yarn, well it just kind of fell into my basket. I love this kind of green. It may become socks or possibly a shawl or a hat. I've no idea yet. I just think it's wonderful so will enjoy petting it until I've made up my mind


Does anyone else have a guilty sock yarn stash? I'll show you mine if you show me yours lol ;-)


  1. I don't know if I have 17 skeins but I do have two drawers full in that organizer. GReat saturated colors. Checkerboard is always classic.

    1. Sounds good to me. I'm looking forward to knitting all mine up, I guess I just need to do a bit more knitting and a little less buying until I've caught up lol.

  2. I just cant stop buying sock yarn!! I have 33... and thats only counting the ones with nylon that will actually become socks...

    That kind of green ALWAYS falls into my basket, its gorgeous!

    1. At least you can justify it for the design process lol. Glad to hear from someone with a bigger sock stash than me ;-)


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