Thursday, 5 September 2013

Rainbow Jar - Ta dah!

This was only a quick project but I'm pleased with it so I thought it deserved it's own FO post :-)


I loosely followed Attic24's tutorial but it's a tube of treble stitches, there aren't many other ways of doing it! I did do two decrease rounds at the top to fit the neck of the jar a bit better and I added the pink petals partly to finish it off but also because it meant I had 2 complete rainbows and that felt right lol


The flower petals were just 6 treble crochet stitches in one stitch, then skip a stitch, then slip stitch two, skip another stitch and then back to doing 6 trebles. Same technique from the Happy Flower Decoration except I crocheted into the whole top of the stitch rather than just part of it


I think it looks quite at home in my little crochet corner :-) I like happy little projects like this one


  1. What lovely, colorful additions to your living room! I love all the hooked accessories.

  2. It looks especially nice on the window sill.


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