Wednesday, 18 July 2012

WIP Wednesday

Well so much for only working on one WIP at a time. And so much for making some soakers/shorties for Ava to wear. Instead I decided to do a bit of stash-busting and found some beautiful yarn by Wharfedale Woolworks that I am making into a jacket/cardigan for Ava using the Neverland Wendy pattern. (The girl version of the Neverland Peter I made a few months back).

I cast on this project on Monday and made really good progress that day but haven't really touched it since as I've been too busy. It's knitting up much quicker than the other one I made, mainly because the first one was 4 years size and this one is 12-18 months!


You can't see very well in this picture but the waist section has a fun stitch pattern. Not sure what it's called but it makes a diagonal stitch pattern. It was very easy to do and the instructions in the pattern were pretty clear.

My Framlingham is still growing. I've got a couple more rows of the raglan increase section to go and then I need to do some faster increases for the bust. I'm enjoying switching between this pattern and the cardigan depending what mood I'm in :-)


Aside from these projects I'm finding myself having an urge to learn to crochet. I've just bought myself a book my Mum recommended that has instructions for left and right handed people (I'm left handed). I think I'll give it a go over the Summer holidays, I like the idea of hooking away in the garden while the children play. I did teach myself before but it was right handed and I developed  a very awkward technique. I also found the instructions not very intuitive. That was roughly 3 years ago though so maybe I'll find it easier now. I must confess, I'm desperate to make a Granny Stripe blanket like the very talented Lucy of Attic 24. It can't be that hard to learn right?


  1. If you can knit its pretty easy to learn to crochet. I've taught several left handers without significant problems.
    Your Framlingham looks great!Always a treat to see people working on one of my patterns.

  2. I had a bit of a mental block on learning to crochet. I'm a self taught knitter and it took me a while to get my head round it so I was anticipating a similar learning time for crochet. Plus when I tried to teach myself before it was right handed and very awkward. I put the hooks away for a bit to give my brain a chance to forget and then started again. It's easy peasy to do the basic stitches now, such fun!

    I've just uploaded a new picture of my Framlingham, I'm really enjoying the pattern :-)

  3. Any chance you could explain the waistband to me? I bought the pattern and am getting to that part right now and I'm stumped. The picture doesn't make sense to me! I'm a fairly beginner knitter and this is my first sweater. Everything looks great but I just do not understand the waistband.

    1. No problem :-) Gimme a sec to find the pattern. If you want to email me my address is blizzard77 @ hotmail . com, or my rav id is TheSoaringSheep

  4. I sent you a message on Ravelry, think you so much!! (=


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