Monday, 16 July 2012

Making Monday

I finished my shawl and my socks on Saturday. The socks will be revealed on Friday but the shawl will remain secret until after the wedding. I'm very pleased with it though, especially the very time consuming but oh-so-worth-it beaded cast off :-)

Saturday evening I had nothing to knit so I decided to cast on my holiday project, Framlingham. I'm planning on knitting it until I've got past the arms (it's top down) and then putting it to one side and knitting some more woollies for Squishy. Here's what I've achieved so far:


The yarn I'm using is a lovely aubergine colour with flecks of pink and navy when you look at it close up. Anything purple is good as far as I'm concerned though, it is definitely my favourite colour lol. It's Wendy Merino DK in the Mulbery colourway, seems pretty soft and my stitches look nice and even with it which is always good!

This week is the last one before the children break up for the Summer holidays. It is also just over 3 weeks until we get married! Getting rather excited about it now. Fingers crossed the weather changes though, I don't think a wedding picnic will be much fun in the rain :-S


  1. Its a lovely colour! and a beaded cast off!! wow!

    1. it is isn't it :-) The beaded cast off was easy but time consuming. I did a p2tog then slipped stitch back to left needle and so on whilst adding a bead to every other stitch


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