Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Fed up of the rain

For those of us in the UK the weather has been completely rubbish lately. Well I say lately, since April it feels like it's been more or less constantly raining. Occasionally you will get a sunny afternoon that reminds you what the weather is supposed to be like at this time of year, and then the clouds blow over again. It is making me blue...

I've almost finished my Traveling Woman shawl but I've decided I'm going to wait until after the wedding before posting proper show-off pictures. It looks good though, I've added silver beads into the design using this person's suggestions. I'm onto chart B at the moment and am just about to start row 7 out of 19.

I've been able to make some progress on my second sock too, I'm onto the leg section now and looking forward to having a finished pair to show off soon.

I have also treated myself to some yarn. I've ordered three skeins of beautiful hand dyed yarn off etsy. I'll post details when they arrive but two are fingering weight and one is lace weight. One of the fingering weight yarns is destined to become a Peacock Shawlette.

Back to my knitting now, I'll post some yarny pictures soon I promise :-)

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