Monday, 23 July 2012


I missed FO Friday with my socks so I'll have to post photos this Friday instead. Last week was pretty busy as it was the end of the school year. Now the children are all off I'm not sure how much crafting time I'm going to get. Today I managed to do a little while the Smalls had a nap and the Bigs played outside on their bikes. I've almost finished the second arm of Ava's cardigan and then it's just picking up the stitches for the front section and working out how to do the collar. The instructions are non-existent in the pattern and the designer hasn't responded to any queries by me or other people. I will just have to wing it!


There's some pretty funky pooling going on, especially on the sleeves :-)

My Framlingham has been progressing, I'm onto the waist shaping now and it's looking like a top rather than a random doughnut shape. No pictures I'm afraid as my phone has just given up so it's in the kitchen re-charging.

Now, remember in my last post I talked about learning to crochet? Well I kind of bought a book or two and well...


(still need to weave in the ends, lazy me)

It was ridiculously easy once I used my left hand rather than trying to do it right handed. In fact as I knit right handed I was probably in a better position for learning because I'm already used to tensioning the yarn with my right hand anyway and the hooking is done with my left. I erm, also ordered some yarn for making a granny stripe blanket. This yarn buying thing... it's a sickness I tell you!

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  1. Oh, I love to crochet! But, I can only have 1 obscession at a time...and sewing bug take me to 2 already


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