Thursday, 12 July 2012


It's interesting looking at blogger's stats for how people have arrived at my blog. Despite it being mainly about knitting one of the most common ways people get here is by googling "42 weeks pregnant" or "43 weeks pregnant". They probably end up with me because my third child was born at 43 weeks and 4 days (or 44 weeks exactly going by the ultrasound dates). He was also a homebirth and weighed 11 lb 0.5oz  :-)

A phrase which made me smile recently was "woman with sheep, dyes her own yarn and sells it". How I wish I was that woman lol


  1. Lol, I also love looking at search topics that bring people to my blog. My favourite at teh moment is

    new york baked cheesecake with kiwi topping

    I have shared a baked cheesecake recipe, and I guess I am the kiwi on top!

  2. My 2nd was also born at 42 weeks 4 days. I think the reason why people are googling later weeks in pregnancy is because hospitals are keen to whip you in to be induced if you go a week overdue without advising women we actually have a choice whether to be induced or not. I had a big argument with my hospital about this and they went as far as accusing me of putting my baby at risk of death becuase i wouldnt let them induce me! I found the AIMS website very helpful and stood my ground and went on to have a healthy little girl in a water birth :o)

    1. Outrageous! I was very lucky to have an experienced midwife who didn't put any pressure on me to be induced. I'd had an induction for PIH with my first (I was told it was pre-e, I sometimes wonder if I would have agreed to it otherwise) and it was a miserable experience that took me a long time to get over. My second baby was a homebirth and that was what I wanted for my third. Admittedly I didn't think he'd keep me waiting quite that long lol


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