Wednesday, 13 June 2012

WIP Wednesday

I'm so close to finishing my Romantika now, I'm really pleased with it. I've got the two pockets and the rest of the collar to do and then it's done. Well it will need buttons but I've not got enough in my box so will get some more the next time I go into town. I've done about 4.5 inches of the 5-6 inch collar so if I can get some time to work on it tomorrow I should get it cast off.

Blurry photo taken on my phone in poor light and without flash because I need to charge it. Gives you an idea of where I am though:


I also have a photo of the cardigan in full, it's really been an epic project for me. 8 skeins of yarn used I believe, but it's such a lovely snuggly cardigan. It's been quite cold here in the evenings so I've been knitting with it spread over my lap.


I've decided that for my next project I'm going to knit a Far Away So Close shawl in a beautiful yarn by Pixieknits called "Violet Rainbow". Isn't it beautiful? Perfect colours for me to knit after this endlessly grey cardigan lol. Plus the pattern is one I've had in my queue for a while but is fairly mindless and will hopefully grow quite quickly. Nice and snuggly for our camping holiday in August too, I'll be able to sit outside knitting wrapped up nice and warm in my cardigan and my shawl :-)


Back to the knitting... :-)

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  1. It going to be gorgeous, such a big project though, the only thing that stops me from knitting it!


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