Friday, 1 June 2012


First of June already, wow! Unfortunately at Soaring Sheep towers it's been a bit of a rubbish start. I had a series of headaches last week but being a mum (blatant stereotyping I know) I just got on with things. Unfortunately now Mr Soaring Sheep has the headaches and as he's a man he doesn't take any medication and instead just lies around whinging about how ill he feels. He's also finding the dizziness is making him feel sick so he then goes to the bathroom and makes himself sick. Can you tell I don't have a lot of sympathy for him right now? >.<

Poor Ava has been sick too, she gets lots of sympathy and cuddles and attention! She whinges less too...

So, on the knitting front, today is not a FO Friday although I am starting to wonder if it will be next Friday or perhaps the one after when I have finally got my Romantika finished. I've got about half an inch to do on the skirt part before starting the 2-3 inch moss stitch border. I know it doesn't look like much but each round is very long!


I've decided to do the after-thought pockets again. I was a bit unsure where to place them according to the pattern. I think they'll be ok though. It's such a clever technique, basically, for those who don't already know, you decide where you want the pocket to be and then you knit the stitches using a piece of scrap yarn. Turn your work and knit back to the start of the scrap yarn and then pick up your original yarn and knit as usual. Later on you unravel the scrap yarn and you're left with live stitches which you can then pick up and turn into a pocket, simples!


I'm getting a bit bored of the grey yarn now. It's going to look lovely but I'm a fan of colour. I've got my Holiday knitting planned out but I'm hoping to be able to squeeze in a couple of smaller projects in between. I'm very tempted to knit a Far Away So Close shawl using some of my Stash yarn. Or maybe I should knit some more shorties/skirties for Ava while she's still teeny. I do have lots of yarns I plan to knit up for her so I should probably get on with that sooner rather than later. Or maybe another Molly Bubble romper, that would look rather cute for the Summer, especially with her fat little toddler legs!

I mean, look: isn't she yummiful?


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  1. Beautiful pic. Sorry your hubby is man-ill, I hate that!


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